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Tick, Tick... BOOM:

"Dynamic and crackling, an effervescent portrait of the artist as a young noodge pinballs onstage with endearing angst and breathtaking realness" 

                         ~Acting Teacher, Circle in the Square Conservatory



West Side Story:

"If you closed your eyes and just listened to Maria’s tragic moments, it was very difficult to tell whether you were hearing someone’s real pain or a performance. Gervis also really displayed that pain in her singing too, which added greatly. Though in musicals it is very difficult to be transported into another place...this was very close."

                         ~Hometown Weekly, Medfield

"Leads Molly Gervis and Brian Vaughn Martel...had excellent chemistry on stage...and...were spot on.  The audience agreed, and gave the pair a rousing standing ovation."

                         ~Wicked Local, Beverly


NYC & Boston Tours:


"'Molly's Trolley' was an outstanding tour.  Molly had the perfect blend of witty humor and pertinent knowledge."

                          ~TripAdvisor Review, On Location Tours

"Molly was fantastic, she made the tour fun and interesting, and she was full of energy.  Highly recommend."

                          ~TripAdvisor Review, On Location Tours


"Molly was fantastic...the perfect combination of engaging, enthusiastic and entertaining."

                         ~TripAdvisor Review, Broadway Up Close


"Molly was excellent!! She provided a humorous and informative, family-friendly tour... all of this while masterfully handling the traffic, automotives and pedestrians of the two cities."

                         ~TripAdvisor Review, Boston Super Duck Tours


All aboard the #MollyTrolley!


Equipped with a Britney-Spears-style pop-star microphone, Molly lead fully guided tours where she drove a huge upper-deck bus & toured people all through Boston. SIMULTANEOUSLY.  #NBD

What does the press say?

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